The Challenger Dispatch

Week 2, Nov. 17-21, 2014


Good Morning;

As we get closer to the holiday season, we must remember to keep our guard up, and continue to monitor students throughout the day while using their laptops. What can be done to assist, continue the use of DyKnow, it’s a very useful tool that makes it easy to prevent the misuse of their device if used daily. Also talk with your students about internet safety and how it’s not to be used for inappropriate sites. Teachers, know and express yourself clearly, and implement consequences to avoid other problems that may occur. Again thanks for all you do daily at CES.

Rodney Calloway

Weekly Grades in INOW

Yes, we have to input at least one grade per week into each of the domains. This is a district expectation and needs to be done routinely. Additionally, principals have been asked to spot check grades weekly to ensure we are fulfilling this expectation. Directions to do this follow:

Here are the steps to begin inputting weekly scores into iNow.

Set up:
Select the course (reading, math, etc.).
1. Click on "Manage."
2. Click on "Categories."
3. Select "Add Category."
4. Name the category "Standards."
5. Leave all the other boxes alone.

Adding Scores:
Select the course (reading, math etc.)
1. Click on the "Scores" tab.
2. Click on "Add Activity."
3. Name the activity the CCRS standard code: (Example: Activity Name: RI5.4 or L.3.4.a)
4. Select "Category".
5. Choose "Standards". Click OK.
6. Record the rubric score for the standard assessed (4, 3, 2, 1).

The procedure for entering 9 weeks score will remain the same.

Science Fair Parent Info night

Monday, Nov. 17th, 5:30pm

AV Room

Collaborative Meetings

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 8am

Belissa's room

Belissa would like to check in about school net practice tests, then you are on your own. We will have Data meeting the week of Dec. 9-11 when we have Dibels benchmarks and School Net tests back.

ALICE Training

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 3-4:30pm

Media Center

Required meeting regarding Armed Intruder

Digital 1:1 Guests

Monday, Nov. 17th, 10-11am

13555 Chaney Thompson Rd SE

Huntsville, AL

Out of Town Guests will be shown through classrooms to observe how students and teachers are using technology in classroom.


Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 3pm

Mr. Calloway's room


Student learning celebrations

Using FRY Phrases

I page instructional targets

Educate Alabama

Dibels Set up

Posting grades in INOW

Responsibilities of BLT Reps

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