Corbin Team Update

December 2015

November Recognition - CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!

Congratulations to the following team members for their outstanding work in November! Our team grew year-over-year yet again and we are in great momentum as we head into the last month of 2015!

Huge congratulations to:

New District Manager
Andrea Thies - promoted by Lou Russell

District Manager in Qualification
Zoe Anderson - sponsored by Hannah Nogle
Jessica Buel - sponsored by Ari Carlson
Nicole Hall-Prince - sponsored by Robin Corbin
Molly Harder - sponsored by Ari Carlson

Jill Hatfield - sponsored by Lisa Nelson
Jeanie Hill - sponsored by Robin Corbin
Susan Hulse - sponsored by Lori Martin
Haley Marlatt - sponsored by Rachel Pugmire
Nicole Perry - sponsored by Lori Weber
Carrie Peters = sponsored by Laura Simmons
Rachel Pugmire - sponsored by Kristie Hanson

Lisa Romano - sponsored by Robin Corbin
Irene Sibaja - sponsored by Jill Mearns

Top Districts in Qualifying Volume
Robin Corbin - 13,386
Ari Carlson - 12,122
Hacy Tobias - 5,633
Lori Weber - 5,616

Jill Mearns - 5,532
Hannah Nogle - 5,486
Lori Martin - 3,450
Kristie Hanson - 3,202
Lou Russell - 2,698
Rachel Powell - 2596

Top Areas in Qualifying Volume
Ari Carlson - 25,464
Robin Corbin - 23,977
Kristie Hanson - 12,709

Sponsoring Stars
Hannah Nogle - 7
Hacy Tobias - 6
Robin Corbin - 6
Jeanie Hill - 5
Andrea Thies - 4
Ari Carlson - 4
Jessica Buel - 4

DM Bonus
Ari Carlson
Robin Corbin
Hannah Nogle
Hacy Tobias

AM Bonus
Ari Carlson
Robin Corbin

Strong Start
Andrea Theis - completed Fast Track
Jeanie Hill - month 1

Grow Strong
Louise Russell

Please let me know if I missed anyone!!! I am so grateful for all of you and the difference you are making! This is just the beginning!!! Let's close the year with a bang and make it a December to remember!!

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System for Success - 2500 Building Block "Brick"


Our PROVEN SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS is focus on achieving 2500 NEW QV plus 5 PERSONALLY SPONSORED PC and/or Consultants each month.

WHY? Because each building block gets you closer to your bonuses and promotions...

You doing 2500 & 5 = District Manager

You + one doing 2500 & 5 = DM Bonus

You + 3 doing 2500 & 5 = Area Manager

You + 7 doing 2500 & 5 - Area Manager Bonus

You + 15 doing 2500 & 5 = Regional Vice President

Congratulations to the consultants below for doing a "Perfect Brick" - 2500 + 5 new personally sponsored in October:

* Robin Corbin

* Hannah Nogle

* Hacy Tobias

(Note: there are no sponsoring requirements to promote BUT sponsoring is the key to sustainability and residual income in this business)

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AIT ATLANTIS (UK, CAN, US) and New Zealand (AU) - Get Ready for Your FREE Vacation!

Who wants a FREE VACATION??? Join us and other top Arbonne Consultants for a Fun, FREE vacation, gifts, prizes, incredible training and MORE! Register this month for DOUBLE POINTS IN DECEMBER and let me know if I can help you map out the plan to earn this trip for you and someone you love!

HINT; The key is sponsoring and promoting new consultants and blowing out the sales in December to get a huge jump on the incentive!