Presidential pamphlet

By:Scott Friedrich


    To become a presednt u most be at least 35 years old, resedent of the United States for 14 years, and a natural born citizen.

    Salary: 400,000 yearly

    Benefits: 50,000 non taxable expense account,free transportation and free housing, after leaving the house u get a 200,000 pension,healthcare,and paid office travel.

    Perks of the job:

Leadership qualities

There is many different qualities in being a good president. The first quality is being able to talk with the people. You have to be able to get all the people listen to you. The next one is being able to listen to what the peoples opinions are. A good president will listen to what the peoples views on things are and what they want for are u.s. The third quality is having good relations with other country's having a good relationship will help the u.s. The fourth quality is being a leader who can stick up for america. The last quality is being smart. Someone who knows what they are talking about and know a lot is very good for economy and debts.

Gun Control

Gun control is a big topic around america right now. There is many murders and assaults with guns that is ruining are society. I think to solve this problem as president. The president needs to look and see how people are getting these guns. I think the president should like highly on criminals not being able to buy guns and people that are mentally ill. I think that you should have to take a strong test and show your backgrounds at school and how you are doing around your family. Good qualities the president needs so he can solve this problem is knowledge he needs to find a system so that bad people dont get guns. Also he needs to be strict and create harsh laws so we dont have problems with people getting guns and killing people.
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Constitutional powers granted to the President in Article II

1. Make treaties (diplomatic)

2.Commander in chief (executive)

3.Appoints heads of executive departments (executive)

4.Gives the state of union address (executive)

5.Veto power (legislative)

6.Meets with heads of state (executive)

7. Commissions military officers (executive)

8.Ensures laws are executed (legislative)

9.Appoints ambassadors,judges,supreme court justices (executive)

10.Calls congress into special sessions. (legislative)

I think the commission military officers is the most powerful because the president is the leader and knows whats wright and wrong so he should have the say and if he wants war or anything like that he should be the one to say it.

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