The Three Blind Mice

Module 7 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

The Three Blind Mice go to Court to Sue the Farmers wife?

We got a recent update on the three blind mice arraignment to bring the Farmer’s Wife to court for cutting their tails off! The Three Blind Mice are convicting that the Farmers wife cut their tails off with a carving knife. The Farmer’s Wife hasn’t admitted doing it yet. The farmer’s wife defendant is The Farmer so there is no need for a public defender! The Farmer said his wife would never do something like this. The blind mice have their prosecution to help them beat the farmer’s wife and get arrested and go to jail. The Three Blind Mice hope no one will bail her out of jail. The police are appealing to find some more evidence. The police already found the carving knife that the Farmer’s Wife used to cut The Three Blind Mice tails off. There was no witnesses at the scene so it will be hard to indictment it on the Farmers wife. The felony is so serious the grand jury was in court yesterday. There is no need for a petit jury. The judge will choose the verdict of the case. The Subpoena is not going to let the Farmers Wife have a Plea Bargaining. The Farmers Wife decided to perjury because she knew she had cut the Mice tails off but didn’t want to get in trouble. We wish luck to the Three Blind Mice.