Slavery and Racism in America

Written by: Colin Boyd

Slavery in the USA

How did Slavery Begin?

Slavery began when Europeans started the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade was between Africa, Europe, and America. The slaves were brought to America from Africa on Slave ships. The ships were filthy and unsanitary. Many slaves got diseases, or even worse, died. The New World wanted to have many slaves for themselves. The slaves would do peoples farming, cooking, cleaning, take care of animals etc. There were more slaves in the South because it was a lot hotter and more farms and crops to work on. One important invention that increased slavery needs was the cotton gin. Slaves were needed to work and build the cotton gins.

How were Slaves Treated in America?

Slaves in America were treated poorly. When slaves awoke, they got right to work. They did everything they were told, and did what had to be done. They did not get a lot of sleep, only one or two little meals, poor living conditions, and ruthless jobs. If they did something they were not supposed, refused to do something, do a poor job, they were whipped most of the time, or even worse, killed. The slaves were also given very little free time. They could not get an education. However, they were aloud to go to church, get married, and have kids though. The slaves were not considered citizens. They were treated as white peoples's property. You owned the slaves, they belonged to you, and were given their names changed from their owners. And there was no escaping this miserable life as a slave.If they tried to escape, they were eventually caught and killed.

How did Slavery End in America?

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S Constitution. People in the Northern part of the country felt slavery wa s wrong and did not want any part of it. As for the South, they wanted to have slaves and felt the need for them. When Lincoln came into office in 1861, Lincolns goal was not to end slavery, but to keep our country together. But very soon, this would not be the case. Eventually Lincoln wanted to end slavery once and for all. And then on for the next four years, things would really start growing crazy as the argument of having slaves, or no slaves would begin start the Civil War. For four years, our country would be fighting the same fight. Until 1865, President Lincoln would address his Emancipation Proclamation that would finally put the war to rest, and ebolish slavery in our country.

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Racial Tensions in America Today

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