Space and Space Exploration


Spacecrafts have to be strong but light weight, that's why they are built from aluminum and titanium. They have to be light enough so they don't use to much fuel and strong enough to stay together through lift off and ladings. Most burn hydrazine and oxygen. Spacecrafts have been launched ever since 1969, first with Neil Armstrong. Most where orbital launches, not launches to go to the moon. There were 6 launches that landed man man on the moon.

Space Probes

Space Probes are non maned ships that go get information from planets or moons. Most are designed to not com back to earth, some orbit around other planets to get info for a really long time. The first probe was launched in 1957, about 85 probes have been launched since. Future missions hope to send probes to other galaxy's and deeper into space than ever before. We have missions planed to go to close to the sun and research it.