Mille Roches

Mille Roches

Date of Establishment

Mille Roches was founded in the early 1700s.

Description of town (businesses and residents)

Mille Roche is a lost village in Ontario that was flooded in 1958. It is 8 km west from Cornwall. It had an old Barber Shop, Paper Mill, Saw Mill, and home businesses. Once the railway was built, businesses grew and grew. Before long, the village had a Grist Mill, Marble Factory, Cutting Mill, Carding Mill, and Clothing Works. A Post office opened in August 1835. There were two churches: United Church and St. George’s Roman Catholic Chapel. There was also a Pentecostal Hall, and St. George’s Anglican Hall.

Who were the important people in the establishment of this town?

The king of France realized that Mille Roches had a large amount of limestone as a resource. Moses-Saunders was responsible for the flooding of Mille Roche.

Were other names used for this communities?

Mille Roche got its name from the English meaning "Thousand Rocks."

Is there something that stands out about this town?

    • The English meaning for Mille Roches is ‘Thousands Rocks.’

    • In 1952, Mille Roches changed from an active village community to a commuter suburb of Cornwall.

    • The ‘Old Mille Roches’ and the ‘New Mille Roches’ were separated by a canal until 1958.

    • More than 500 homes were relocated before the flooding, and the rest were bulldozed or burned.

    • It took four full days to completely flood Aultsville, Dickinson’s Landing, Farran’s Point, Maple Grove, Mille Roches, Moulinette, Santa Cruz, Wales and Woodlands.

    • Mille Roches was probably the biggest lost villages.