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Happy August

We have added close to 30 new designers this summer, WELCOME! I hope you are ready for a fun Fall!

I will be sending these newsletters out once a month to the entire team with just tidbits of info. Please talk to your mentor if you have questions and concerns throughout the month and remember if you are a leader... reach out to your team members. For some this will be their first fall season and we want everyone to have every advantage that we can give them to have a productive and successful season!

If you haven't done so already please join our Team Facebook Page

This is a great place to ask questions, get ideas and get up to date information. Please feel free to add your DIW's as well!

Next Years Convention - Sign up now before the price goes up! It will be here before we know it!


After a pretty quiet summer I think you will start seeing this area explode over the next few months! However, some of you did not let summer slow you down and I would expect to see some even bigger numbers coming!

This if for the month of JULY

Top 3 Teams with highest CTV {Central Team Volume}

  1. Sara Hegemier
  2. Laurie Thompson
  3. Jennifer Alvarado

Top 3 Designers with the highest PV {personal volume}

  1. Valerie Schindo
  2. Dina Barlett
  3. Michelle Fidler

Valerie had just over $3000 in PV, wow, I sure hope you are going for the CABO trip!! And Dina and Michelle just got their wings this summer, they came flying out of the gates and I expect this Fall to be over the top for them:-)

CONGRATULATIONS ~ way to keep it going even in what some people sometimes call the dreaded "J" months!

{Have a fantastic week}