The Constitution Art. II

By: Vincent Hart

Terms of Office

Only 2 terms of office can be served.

Elector Process

Each State has presidential electors which form the Electorial college.

How & When Elections are

It works by the country deciding on two candidates and then taking a vote to see who wins. The congress selects the date when the presidential electors are chosen.

Qualifications to be President

They must be a citizen of America by birth, at least 35 years old, and a resident of the U.S. for 14 years.


If the president dies or is presented with hardships that would disable to be president the vice president becomes president. If anything happens to the vice president the congress has the right by law to choose anybody for president.


The Presidents salary is $200,000 plus a $50,000 taxable expense per year. Including a $120,000 non-taxable allowance for travel and entertainment.


The office is generally administered by the Chief Justice, Every president except George Washington has been sworn in by the Chief Justice

Cabinet & Military Powers

The Cabinets are purely just help fir the president the the president himself chooses and also appoints their power. The president being a civilian is the head of the armed services, this established the principle of civilian control of the military.


The president is the head of all foreign affairs and manages all treaties, However in order for the President to sign a treaty he must have 2/3 of the senate to agree with the treaty.


The president must annually host the State of Union messages. He or she also handles all foreign affairs he or she can pretty declare war or peace amongst other countries.


Is when the congress calls misconduct upon the President and will bring the president to court to see if he or she is found guilty or not. If found guilty the president will be thrown out of office and the Vice president will become in charge.