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Weekly Focus Newsletter

Thank you for a great first week!

Wow! CE is off to a great start! Although we spent most of our first day going over our classrooms and how things run, expectations around the building, and organizing supplies, I can tell that we have a great group of students and we are going to have a wonderful year. Our dismissal procedures ran smooth and each of us worked as a team to make sure students knew how they were getting home and that they were safe. As we get additional students, please pay close attention to the transportation form sent with students when they enter the class so that we know how they are getting home.

All last week we had 100% staff attendance each day. Please join me on Friday, September 2nd in the staff lounge for Flap Jack Friday from 6:50 -7:35 am. It's our way of saying thank you all for attending each day.

Week two is upon us. We will begin our required emergency drills so that we all become familiar with the procedures. We also have Big Kahuna Fundraiser Kick Off on Thursday and PBIS Rally on Friday. Please see the campus master calendar for specific times. Let's make it a great week!

Mrs. Young

Weekly CE Student Attendance Rate -99%

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PLC This Week

Google Doc Lesson Plan training with Mrs. Zalesnik and Ms. Argueta - please meet in the computer lab

  • Please see email regarding PLC schedule for activity staff who will cover your duty while you are in PLC.

Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments are tools or assignments used to give feedback to students or guide instruction. Consider trying some of these formative assessments in your upcoming instruction.

1) Visualize (Being the Illustrator) ~

Read the page of a story not allowing students to see the illustration. Have each student create an illustration (visualization) for that page. To add to it: students can share their illustrations with the class.

2) Think-Pair-Share (Using cooperative grouping) ~

a. Think: Students think independently about the question that has been posed, forming ideas of their own. (can use essential question of the day)

b. Pair: Students are grouped in pairs to discuss their thoughts. This step allows students to articulate their ideas and to consider those of others.

c. Share: Student pairs share their ideas with a larger group, such as the whole class. Often, students are more comfortable presenting ideas to a group with the support of a partner. In addition, students' ideas have become more refined through this three-step process.

To wrap up, you may choose to have pairs reconvene to talk about how their thinking changed after hearing other "shares". Students can also write about how their thinking changed.

Upcoming : First Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 6th, 4pm

10210 C E King Parkway

Houston, TX

The meeting will be held in the MPR.

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