Weekly Launch

Feb. 11-15


Math Teachers-Please be sure to turn in your Dreambox data for the month of January.

Please continue to be gentle with the copy machine! The technician was here all morning working on it!

Important Dates

February 11-

MOY AMC Combinations 1st grade opens

Jen Murray out all day

Sandy Varner out all day


Watch DOG-Mr. Lopez-Lauren/Luke/Layla Duckworth-Criswell/Joiner/Matthew-Music/Music/Art

February 12-

Jen Murray out all day

Sandy Varner out all day

Buckels off campus 9:30-11

Huddle-3:30 p.m.

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Elmore-Tyler/Lauren-Sauer/Fore


February 13th-

Sandy Varner out all day



February 14th-wear Valentine's colors with jeans

Sandy Varner out all day


Watch DOG-Mr. Stewart-Harley-Joiner

February 15th-

Grow 360

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Kindness

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Bartley

Word of the Week-feature

Shout Outs

Shout out to 4th grade ELA for having an awesome planning day and creating some great student work.

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for 5th grade because they have been so flexible with the 5th to 6th grade transition and the changing tour, application, essay writing and course selection dates.

Superintendent's Targets

Here is a reminder of what Dr. Smith is expecting of us this year :0)

-Students showing growth over time

-students using goal "binders"

-students reading on grade level by the end of the year

Check out the link below for our Fab Fridays in February


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Feb. 18th PL Day Schedule

February Kindness Challenge!-please consider participating!

Goal Setting!

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