Suncatcher (Mikayla Phelps)

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What is this about?

Well you're probably thinking wat this is about. My school is doing suncatchers for a project in math and we had to make them. We get to sell them at Hobby Lobby; and maybe we get a small profit! Since we're learning about fractions and how to pay for taxes and see how much we get off on sales, my teacher is letting us do this project. It's pretty fun too!


You're probably wondering how much suncatchers cost. Well, they can cost up to 4 to 6 dollars; depends on what kind you buy. I made one and mine came up to cost $5.82 which is alright for a suncatcher. How i know how much it costs is because since it was a math class, my teacher told me that it would be $4.72 for the stained glass material and, $1.03 for the metal. Ihad at least 30 pieces off shapes and that's what we basically needed; couldn't be less than 30.