Georgia in the 1700's

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When people think about Georgia they think about it as a state. They rarely think about Georgia in colonial times. During the colonial times, there were many Native American tribes that lived in Georgia. Life in Georgia wasn't as easy as people thought. You hade to work very hard to survive. You hade to plant crops and hunt for food. Indentured servants had to work the hardest because they were treated like slaves. They got a place to sleep and they got clothing and once and a great while got shoes. Georgia played a major role during the colonial times.

Native Americans of Georgia

There were many Native Americans that settled in Georgia. In Georgia a group of Indians called Mound builders. Were excellent farming and hunting. They grew corn,tobacco, and others crops. They ate the meat and made clothing out of the skins of the animals. The Mound Builders were also talented artists. They surrounded their villages with fences called palisades. The Mound Builders were one of the main tribes when Georgia was a colonies

Life in Georgia during the 1700s

Life in Georgia was much different in the 1700s in Georgia than it is now. In the 1700s their were 10,000 people in Georgia. People were attracted to Georgia because of their great growing season. Nearly all the people in Georgia during the 1700s had plantations. Even people who worked as lawyer doctors, teachers, worked on plantations. A plantations consists of 100 small plantations put together to make one huge plantations. Their plantations stretched over miles and miles long it took 1 day to get from one plantations to the next one. Georgia played in important role in the development of the 13 colonies

Indentured Servants

Indentured Servants were doing all the hard work. A majority of Indentured Servants were young men between 15 and 24 years old. They were looking for jobs and since they couldn't find jobs they became Indentured servants. They would work for Several years to pay their passage to the new year. Most Indentured Servants worked as agricultural labors but some were Highly skilled craftsmen to build and make stuff. Most children who worked were opharns. Children worked inside in till they where eighteen. Indentured Servants played a big roll in the Georgia colonies


Georgia was much different in colonial times than it is now. The native Americans were one of the many people who played a roll. The Indentured Servants were the key part of Georgia. Life in Georgia was live or die. Georgia was one of the colonial.


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