About Me

Dear, Pen Pal

Favorite Things

We'll to start my favorite color is baby blue. I like to play soccer a lot. My favorite food to eat is Chinese and Mexican food. What my favorite book I have read is Island of the Blue Dolphins. My favorite movies I liked are The Maze Runner, Wreck it Ralph, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers. My favorite tv shows are Zoey 101, Girl Meets World, Pretty Little Liars, Shake it up , Austin and Ally, and Henry Danger.

What I like to do on my free time

To begin I like draw animals. Next I like to read books that are entertaining. Then I like to play call of duty even though I an a girl. Finally I like to play fun games with my family.

What kind of books I like to read are mystery, sad and drama. Instead of just playing all of duty is minecraft and just dance 2015. Some games I like to play with my family is sorry, heads up, and battleship.

Where I would like to go on vacation

I would like to go to Florida because it looks like a beautiful place. It looks like it would be lots of fun and exciting. It looks like Florida has nice houses/hotels to live in. Also it would look like my mom and dad would have a relaxed and comfortable time.