13 Colonies

By: Grant Andrews

New England Colonies

In the New England Colonies we have multiple jobs to choose from like Farming, Building Boats, Fishing, and Whalers. The first winter was a cold winter. In the colonies we have allot of natural resources like timber, water, fish, and furs. We traded whales, lamp oil, furs, crops, and fish, with the Indians and other colonies. We have a thin and rocky soil. We believed in freedom of religion and freedom of the church. Some of are Colonies are the Providence and the Massachusetts Bay.

Middle Colonies

In the Middle Colonies we have multiple jobs like farming, selling crops, traders, sailors, dockers, and millers. We have a warmer climate. We have very rich soil, good for farming. Are natural resources are iron and rich soil. We trade wheat, iron ,flower, and other crops. We believe in religious freedom. Some of are colonies are the New Nether-land, and the New Amsterdam colonies.

Southern Colonies

In the southern Colonies the main job is farming. We have a really warm climate. Are natural resources are rich soil and timber. Are landforms are good soil, and a flat land. We trade rise, Tabasco, indigo, and other crops. We believe to welcome all people in the Christianity family but we are most Catholic. Some of are colonies are the Roanoke and Jamestown.

Comparing and Contrasting Jamestown and the Plymouth colonies

Both of the two settlements came for freedom of religion and the riches. Jamestown settled in the Virginia aria and Plymouth settled in Massachusetts aria or on Cape Cod. They both worked with the Native Americans came together and that was a big part of there success.