Free Lunch from Lil Dans Food Truck

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One Lucky Winner!

On Monday, November 12, TruckyLove will buy one person a free lunch from Lil Dan's Gourmet Food Truck in Philadelphia, PA.

To win this one and only free lunch, simply be the first person to show this promotion to Lil Dan's Gourmet Food Truck. They will open at 11am, so just follow the link below to view Lil Dan's location. Then, tell everyone how much you love Lil Dan's and TruckyLove on Twitter and Facebook (fair enough, right?).

Lil Dan's Gourmet Food Truck

Lil Dan's was started in Philadelphia, Pa on September of 2009 by Daniel and Laura Pennachietti, in memory of their son Daniel Pennachietti Jr. who passed away in September 2005. We are a close knit family made up of a strong Italian and Irish heritage.

The majority of our recipes have been passed down for many generations!

We are a family-owned and operated business and know the cost of trying to have good food with a price that is affordable.

Our family stands for good food at a reasonable price. You have heard the saying "You get what you pay for.". Well I am here to tell you that "you will get More than what you paid for".


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