Virus: Smallpox

Danger Level: 10

If found anywhere, please contact authorities as quickly as you can. You will saves life's by calling it in. As of right now it is said to be eradicated, and we want it to stay that way. If found again, the best way to handle it is an intense vaccination, which is how we first eradicated it.

How to know if you found it

It's shape is micrococci, and is a lytic virus, that's how you can found with using a microscope or observing it's behaviors. But another way to see or tell if you or someone else has the virus is by looking at their skin. Smallpox cause bumps to show up on the skin and scars. It can also cause headaches, back pain, and vomiting. Also the best places to focus on when searching is the blood stream and skin

Reward: 78,000,000,000

If you find Variola, or more commonly known as smallpox, this is the amount of money you will receive for reporting it and saving lifes. Just make sure not to come into direct contact with it, that is the main way to get it.