#D90learns Twitter Talk

22 November - 6 December 2015


  • #HourOfCode resources (shared by Annmarie Clasky, Lincoln)
  • Why should collaboration be a priority? (shared by Martha Ryan-Toye)
  • How to use @Padlet in the classroom (shared by Donielle Jarzen, Roosevelt)
  • Get Mrs. Briggs's 3rd grade student-created book, The Thanksgiving Pageant Takeover, on BoomWriter (shared by Annmarie Clasky, Lincoln)
  • Offering student choice in presentation tools (shared by Lindsay Johnson, Roosevelt)
  • and much more!


The following teachers and classrooms use technology to connect globally:

@MrsGadtke- Angela Gadtke, Kindergarten teacher implementing tech to create meaningful connections (Minnesota)

@SwampFrogKids- 4th grade classroom seeking to share and collaborate globally (Tennessee)

@SwampFrogFirst- Mrs. Samuelson, 4th grade teacher sharing innovative ideas and activities (Tennessee)

@BevLadd- Beverly Ladd, 2nd grade teacher, Skype Classroom Master Teacher, collaboration and tech integration enthusiast

@beverly_ladd- Mrs. Ladd's class of globally connected 2nd graders (Wilmington, NC)

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