Chris Hadfield

An outstanding leader!

What was Chris involved in that made him a leader?

Chris Hadfield is a great leader and incredibly intelligent. He was interested in flying at a very young age. At the age of 15, he won a glider pilot scholarship and at the age of 16 a powered pilot scholarship. Chris Hadfield was not only intelligent at a young age, but he was also very involved. in 1978 he joined the Canadian armed forces. He spent 2 years at Royal Roads Military College followed by spending yet another 2 years at Royal Military College and received his bachelors degree in engineering with honors. In June 1992 Chris was chosen to become 1 of 4 of Canada's new astronauts. There were over 5330 applicants. Lastly, he also served as chief of robotics, Cap com, and NASA's operation in Russia. There were many other things that Chris was involved in and he is and outstanding person.
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What Actions Did Hadfield Take To Show Leadership?

Chris Hadfield took a lot of actions which showed leadership. He has tons demonstrated leadership when he was in outer space. In November 1995, Hadfield served as mission specialist 1 on the STS-74. He flew as the first Canadian mission specialist, the Canadian to operate the canadarm in orbit and the only Canadian to ever board the Mir. In 2001 Hadfield served as mission specialist 1 on a 11 day flight. He preformed 2 space walks, spent 14h and 54min. outside the shuttle traveling 10 times around the world. In March 2013, he also became the first Canadian to command a spaceship as commander of the ISS during his second half of his 5 month stay in space. After his work in space was done and he landed on Earth, he traveled a total of almost 99.8 million km while completing 2336 orbits around Earth. He spent a total of 146 days in space. He also regularly made vlogs that he posted on YouTube showing people how living in space felt.
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What 3 leadership traits did he apply?

1. Lead from the front - but don't leave your base behind.

Hadfield applied this leadership trait on his journey in space. He was a leader and commanded a spacecraft. He even lived in space for 5 months. Even though he was far from the people on earth he never left them behind. he continued to make videos on YouTube to help everyone who was curious understand what is was like to live in space. He never had to make videos but he chose to do it.

2. Keep your friends close - and your rivals closer.

NASA and the Soviet Space Program have been known to be enemies. They are always in competitions. This time they collaborated and Hadfield and some Americans lived with Russians in space. NASA and the SSP set aside their differences and worked together.

3. Appearances matter - and remember to smile

When Hadfield ever went out in public he always had a great appearance. He looks clean and professional. All interviews and videos I've watched about Chris Hadfield he's smiling and seems like a really great person.

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