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Come to the Great Gatsby's party looking as stunning as ever in a brand new FLAPPER. Flappers are the number 1 party dresses, if you want to look fabulous, wear a flapper!

Jazz Concert coming soon!

The Dorsey Brothers

Don't miss The Dorsey Brothers LIVE performance of their recent recordings in New York, New York. Song performances include All Through the Night, An earful of Music, Anything Goes, and many many more of their new songs. Ladies put on your flappers, gentlemen put on your best suits, and come out and DANCE to the Dorsey Brothers!

F. Scott Fitzgerald: New written novel of "triumph and tragedy"

Fitzgerald published a new book called "The Great Gatsby" a fiction book based on our generation. The author writes about a man named Jay Gatsby in the West egg, Long Island setting. Gatsby's mission is to find his old true love whom he lost, the author includes his adventures of wealth, jazz, parties and much more.
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