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Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103; Nov 23, 2021

School Board Highlights

November 16, 2021

Board Member Appreciation

Superintendent Scott Warren honored the School Board for their dedication as part of Board Member Appreciation Day. “They are a dedicated group of people who are here for our students, family and staff. We are proud to have a group of individuals helping our kids learn and grow,” Dr. Warren said.

Thank you to the following board members:

  • Anne van Gerven, President, resides in Lincolnshire, serving since 2013

  • Kate Harper, Vice President, resides in Lincolnshire, serving since 2013

  • Marissa Grossenbach, Board Member, resides in Lincolnshire, serving since 2017

  • Michael Odongo, Board Member, resides in Buffalo Grove, serving since 2017

  • Rana Hashemi-Haeri, Board Member, resides in Lincolnshire, serving since 2018

  • Maria Peterson, Board Member, resides in Lincolnshire, serving since 2021

  • Michael Weaver, Board Member, resides in Lincolnshire, serving since 2021

Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Board approved the District 103 Strategic Plan, which runs from 2022 to 2026:

  • Main Goal Area 1 – Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    • Strategic Goal 1 - Provide authentic learning experiences that require students to ask questions for understanding to address complex real-world issues.

    • Goal 1 Details

  • Main Goal Area 2 – Individualized Learning

    • Strategic Goal 2 - Provide opportunities for all students to advance their individual academic knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    • Goal 2 Details

  • Main Goal Area 3 – Social/Emotional Learning

    • Strategic Goal 3 - Develop well-balanced citizens through a robust implementation of state social emotional standards to create safe, healthy, and just communities.

    • Goal 3 Details

  • Main Goal Area 4 - Infrastructure

    • Strategic Goal 4 - Creation of adaptable learning environments that are responsive to enrollment trends, Human Resources needs, and curricular programming.

    • Goal 4 Details

Learning Update

Vaccine Clinic: There were 900 people who were vaccinated at the district hosted vaccine clinic in November. The district will host another clinic for ages 5 to adult on Saturday, December 4. The December clinic already has 300 people registered for a vaccine. Once the vaccines are completed the nurses will reach out to families to gather students’ vaccination status. The December clinic will provide vaccination stickers and pencils for children. Despite the high number of families vaccinating their children, District 103 must adhere to state requirements for mask wearing, social distancing, and quarantine laws.

Metrics: COVID Metrics are rising in the Lincolnshire and Lake County region and the district’s incidence rate is double where it should be.

Slide Presentation for the Learning Update

2022-2023 Calendar

The Board reviewed the 2022-2023 school calendar. The Calendar Committee consisting of Board representatives, administrators, and staff members met on November 10, to review the calendar. The proposed calendar is similar to past calendars in regards to breaks, institute days, and parent/teacher conferences. Most Teacher Inservice days are scheduled around breaks due to more student absences on those days and to provide as many consistent five-day weeks as possible. Board members proposed a few changes that will be taken into consideration by the committee before another draft is brought to the Board.

Staff Absences and Substitute Shortages

The Board was informed that this year has been challenging to cover teacher class vacancies due to the substitute shortage that is not only affecting our district, but also the county, state, and nation. The percent of unfilled classroom vacancies has gone from a low of 34.33% in 2018 to 60.83% in 2021 even though the number of requested absences has gone down. Teacher vacancies are being filled by internal staff including associates, teachers, and administration. The Board discussed ways to lessen the shortage. A program from Illinois State University is offering student teachers to be able to substitute teach on occasion if needed. The District is working with ISU to see if we can host student teachers for the spring.

2022-2023 School Fees

The Board considered an alignment of school fees that follow the consumer price index, which for the 2022-2023 school year is estimated to be 1.4%. School fees include materials, supplies, and the use of technology devices. The Board is expected to act on the student fees in December.

Special Education Aide Compensation

The Board reviewed D103 special education associate salaries with area school districts. District 103’s starting hourly rate is $15 an hour. While there is a national shortage of aides, administrators say exit interviews with associates show D103 aides are leaving for other districts that pay more. The Board consensus was to increase the associate pay to the upper teens to bring D103’s hourly rate in line with area school districts. Members also suggested other incentives to attract new employees. The Board is expected to act on the salary adjustment at a special meeting on Monday, November 22.

Tax Levy Approved

The Board approved a 2021 tax levy of $32,765,000 before the principal and interest is factored in from bonds issued for capital projects. Eighty-six percent of the district’s revenue comes from taxes.

Approval of Custodial Bids

The Board approved the contract of Alpha Building Maintenance Services to provide the district with additional custodial services at a rate of $8,747 a month. This company will assist current crews with building maintenance.

ICTM Proposal

The Board voted 3-3 to pay for a stipend for the ICTM State Math Contest for students in grades 3-5. The purpose of the ICTM State Math Contest is to recognize outstanding mathematical achievement, encourage independent study, and stimulate interest in mathematics. Because of the split vote, with one member absent, the board will consider the proposal at a future meeting.

The November 16, 2021 Board meeting agenda is available for additional information.

November 22, 2021

Approval of Aide Compensation Increase

The Board approved the Aide Compensation Increase for Special Education Aides. Special Education associates will increase $2.00 per hour from their current rate and new hires will be hired at $17.00/hour. For those employed in the IIP or Guided programs, they will receive a $2.50 increase and new hires in these categories will begin at $17.50/hour. The rates for new employees hired in the district after November 23, 2021 will go into effect immediately. The new rates for current employees will go into effect December 1, 2021.

Approval of Referral and Signing Compensation

The Board approved the Referral and Signing Compensation recommendation. Current employees who refer an individual for open associate, custodial or bus driver positions who is then hired by the district and the new employee remains employed for 60 days will receive a $250 referral bonus. The new employees in these categories will receive a $500 signing bonus if they remain employed for more than 60 days. The referral and signing bonus program will go into effect starting November 23, 2021.

The November 22, 2021 Board meeting agenda is available for additional information.
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Crossing Guard Reminder

The season has ended for crossing guard assistance in D103. Students who walk or bike to school should take extra precautions between now and spring break 2022 as there will be no crossing guards assisting students to and from school at the following intersections:
  • Riverwoods and Half Day Roads
  • Riverwoods Road and Yorkshire Drive
  • Riverwoods Road at Daniel Wright Junior High School
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Board of Education Meeting

The next Board of Education meeting will occur at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14. The notice and agenda can be found on the District 103 Board meeting website page. D103 board meetings are being held in-person and live-streamed each month on our YouTube Channel. Members of the community should attend the meeting at 111 Barclay Boulevard, Lincolnshire if they would like to make a public comment. The public can contact the Board at board@d103.org.

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Lincolnshire Tree Lighting

The Lincolnshire Lights tree lighting event takes place at 5:30 p.m. Friday, December 3, at Village Green (northeast corner of Milwaukee Avenue and Olde Half Day Road). Please visit the village's website for details about the event. Daniel Wright's Show Choir and Band are scheduled to perform at the event.
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D103 Calendar of Events

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