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November 2022

What is College Application Week/College Goal Oregon?

Bruins Go To College Week

Each year, SBHS plans a jam-packed week, or more, of college and career events and learning opportunities.

This year, our College Application Week and College Goal Oregon will be from Oct. 31-Nov. 10. The list of events is growing by the day, but here is a tentative list of some of the upcoming areas to consider:

Bruins Go To College Week Events:

  • PCC Application Workshop. Oct. 31 Both lunches
  • MHCC Info Session. Nov. 1. Both lunches
  • ROTC Scholarship Info sessions Nov. 2 both lunches
  • Pacific University Application and Help Session Nov. 2 both lunches
  • OSU Application workshop Nov. 3 1:30 PM
  • Willamette University College Visit Nov 4 9:30 AM
  • WOU Application Workshop Nov. 4 10:30 AM
  • UofO Application Workshop Nov. 4 1:00 PM
  • MHCC's College Goal Oregon Event @ MHCC Nov. 5 9am-1pm
  • OSAC & OP Info sessions Nov. 7 2 lunches and per 3,5,6,7
  • Career Day Nov. 8 12:00-2:30 All students
  • FAFSA Help Night (students and families welcome)Nov. 9 6:00-7:30pm
  • FAFSA Help Day (students only) Nov. 9 all day
  • Grand Canyon University Workshop/FAFSA Help Nov. 9 10:00
  • Application Help in PD4 classes Daily per 3,5,6,7
  • Warner Pacific Application Workshop Nov. 7 12:00-2:30
  • WSU Application Workshop Nov. 10 Both lunches

Parents, are your students reading their emails?

It is increasingly important for students, especially seniors, to read their email messages. This is the method colleges use to communicate with applicants. Students usually receive an email with information on the creation of a student portal at their potential college. Students will miss many important steps, opportunities and deadlines if they are not reading communications from their colleges. (We experience MANY upset students when they have missed deadlines because they are not reading emails.) Please encourage your students to check their email. This article details some of the challenges and how to stay informed.

Teenagers Don't Read Emails, Colleges Do.

Career Day for All SBHS Students

November 8th, all students at Barlow are participating in Career Day. We will have over 50 guest speakers to inspire students in a wide variety of career pathways.
We will have a special schedule to allow students to hear from 4 different presenters. Please ask your students what they learned and what inspired them.

What is ASPIRE?

SBHS is a long term participant in the ASPIRE program. ASPIRE offers student and parent assistance with college and career exploration, financial aid information and mentorship. If you'd like to learn more about the resources available through the Office of Student Access and Completion and its ASPIRE program, take a look here.

If becoming a student mentor intrigues you, please let us know at the emails listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

Requesting Official Transcripts using

If seniors are applying to colleges using a "school specific" application found on a college's website, please refer to this document to assist in the process.

If seniors are applying to colleges using the Common Application, please refer to this document to assist in the process.

These helpful tip sheets are housed on the SBHS Counseling website.

Seniors, your college applications will likely need an official transcript. These are requested through your Schoolinks account.

Once you list a school as one to which you are applying, your counselor will see, in their Schoolinks account, that you need an electronic (official) transcript sent to the school. Get used to using This is your official resource for transcripts, as well as counselor recommendations.

Paying For College Webinars-English & Spanish

If you missed out on attending the Paying for College webinars live, we recorded them! We encourage families to watch the videos and then contact Jenn Satalino (or your SBHS C&CC staff) with any questions. Jenn is a frequent guest to our presentations and offers us regular guidance with FAFSA and ORSAA filings. She is a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous help to our staff, students and families.

Paying for College:

Pagar la Universidad:

Jennifer Satalino- ECMC

The College Place Director, Oregon

Student Success & Outreach

Located at Portland Community College-Sylvania Campus

Book an appointment online at:

Oregon Goes To College-Great Resources for All Ages

Is paying for college a new area to you and your family? Take a look at the great information and helpful resources found on the Oregon Goes To College website. Look here.

It's FAFSA Time!

Where do I start?

ALL seniors should fill out the FAFSA (federal financial aid) and the Oregon Promise (state financial aid for community colleges.) If you are planning to attend a 4-year college, we still urge you to complete the Oregon Promise as a back-up plan.

Step 1:

Create your FSA ID (A student creates one and a parent creates one, too.)

  • If a parent does not have a social security number, they will not be able to create an FSA ID in order to sign electronically. Instead, they will print the signature page and mail it to the address shown on the form.
  • The student and the parent cannot use the same email or phone number in the FAFSA.
  • This year, there will be a 2-Step Verification process when creating your FSA ID.
  • (Be sure to print your sign-in and passwords, for both accounts, and carefully save them since you will reapply every year you are in college.)

Step 2:

Create your FAFSA or ORSAA (for Oregon students without a social security number)

If you are not sure which form to do, go to the FAFSA/ORSAA Filter Tool.



  • Both the student and the parent will complete a section and sign electronically with the FSA ID created above.
  • If a parent does not have a social security number, they will print the signature page and mail it to the address shown on the form.
  • Note: You will be completing the FAFSA 2023-24 form and use 2021 tax information.

Step 3:

Complete the Oregon Promise Application- It's short and easy- the information from your FAFSA or ORSAA is used. New lower GPA requirements… now students with a 2.0 GPA can receive about $8,000 for community college education (free.) Both applications (FAFSA or ORSAA and OP) must be completed for financial aid for Oregon community colleges. There is no second chance to apply for these free funds. DEADLINE: June 1, 2023.


The Oregon Promise Opened Oct. 10th

The Oregon Promise application opens on Monday, Oct. 10th.

What does this mean and how can seniors benefit?

  • Students could receive between $4000-$8000 for FREE to use at an Oregon Community College. (over a 2 year span)
  • If students have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better by the end of the year, they are eligible.
  • Students must also complete a FAFSA or ORSAA financial aid application to receive the funds.
  • All seniors should do these steps because they only get ONE chance to do it. If they miss this deadline of June 1, 2023, they can never go back and do it. It's a One and Done deal.
  • All seniors should do the Oregon Promise application in case other post high school plans don't happen. Consider it an "insurance policy" for the future.
  • Students taking courses for apprenticeships, certificates, etc. at community colleges can use these funds, too.
  • The deadline is June 1. Let's get this done long before then!

Get Schooled- Get Help

What is Get Schooled?

Get Schooled is a national nonprofit organization helping young people get to college, find first jobs, and succeed in both. We accomplish this through compelling, youth-friendly digital content & experiences, personalized support, partnerships, and deep engagement on social media and text. Get Schooled’s content and supports are youth-friendly and youth-informed, and are strengthened by the latest research, accessible technology, our strong community of youth, educators, and national partners. Learn more at

Create a free account and get help!

Sample College Costs Worksheet

Sample College Costs worksheet. Use this form to help you make your decision wisely.

FAFSA Tip Sheet

Take a look at Fastweb's FAFSA tips here.

More colleges are making the SAT optional. Should Students Still Take the SAT?

Read more here.

Scholarships to Consider

Coca Cola Scholars due Oct. 31 (seniors)

Elks Lodge Most Valuable Student Scholarship. due Nov. 14 (seniors)

Jiffy Lube What Drives You Scholarship due March 10 ( grades 9&10, grades 11&12)

The OSAC Scholarship (seniors) opens Nov. 1, due March 1

Act Six Scholarship-due Nov. 15

Jack Cooke Kent Scholarship (seniors) due Nov. 17

The Renaissance Scholarship (seniors) due Feb. 1 and May 1

Dell Scholars (seniors, AVID) due Dec. 1

Equitable Excellence Scholarship (seniors) due Dec. 16

Bruin Pride Scholarship (seniors) due Feb. 10

Oregon Goes to College Scholarship List-various due dates

Looking for a convenient scholarship search engine? Try (open to all ages)

Scholarship Reporting

Seniors, please don't forget to report ANY scholarships offered to you to the College & Career Center. You can forward an email, tell us in person, make a copy of an award letter...whichever method you prefer. Please tell us about all scholarships offered to you, not just the ones you accept.

PCC- SE Campus Preview Day Field Trip

Want to learn more about the great programs PCC has to offer at its various campuses?

Plan to join us for a Preview Day at the South East campus on Dec. 2 from 8:00am-2:00pm. Spots are limited.

Sign up here at the PCC site and also at the on the Barlow attendance form below (do BOTH):

Don't forget PCC's Future Connect Scholarship that opens Nov. 1. Go here.

Also, there is the PCC Foundation Scholarship. Go here to apply.

Senior Graduation Requirements: CRLEs, have you done yours?

Seniors, as a graduation requirement, you will need to complete 2 Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLE) and an Extended Application (completed in PD4) by the end of the year. There are many opportunities to do this. Here are a few suggestions:

  • College Visits
  • College & Career Information presentations in your class
  • Career Day or Career Fairs
  • Career Guest Speakers
  • Job Shadow/Work Experience/Internship
  • ASVAB test
  • Cadet Teaching
  • Marketing Projects
  • USA Skills Competitions
  • Career Experience Tours
  • DECA Competitions
  • Job Application Process
  • Service Learning
  • Future Apprenticeship Student in the Trades (FAST Track program)

Following the event, students will need to complete a reflection form regarding their experience.

Go here to do so: CRLE Reflection Form. Answers must be well thought out and at least 3-4 sentences long.

College Corner: In-State Public School

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR

Undergraduate application

Early application deadline: Nov. 1

Regular application deadline: Feb. 1

Scholarship application deadline: Must be admitted by Feb. 1 and have applied to the Scholar Dollar application by Feb. 15.

Distance from SBHS: 78 miles or 1 hour and 50 minute drive

# Undergrads: 27,000

Well-Known Majors- Computer Science, Business, Engineering, Veterinary Science

SBHS's OSU Admissions Rep: Cori Kimmel-

Oregon State University (OSU) is a flagship university of the Oregon University System. A coeducational, public research university located in Corvallis, Oregon, United States. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degrees and a multitude of research opportunities. There are more than 200 academic degree programs offered through the university. OSU's programs in microbiology, nuclear engineering, ecology, forestry, public health, biochemistry, zoology, oceanography, food science and pharmacy are recognized nationally as top tier programs. OSU's liberal arts programs have also grown significantly and the department is considered a "cornerstone" of the institution. More than 200,000 people have attended OSU since its founding. The Carnegie Foundation classifies Oregon State University as part of its top tier of research institutions.

Healthcare Careers Volunteer Opportunity

Mt.Hood Legacy Medical Center is looking for volunteers. If you are considering a career in healthcare, becoming a volunteer in our community is a great way to gain valuable experience. To apply you will need to:
  • contact the Volunteer Services office at 503-674-1948
  • complete an application
  • commit to 4 hours per week for at least a 6 month period
  • be 16 years or older
  • be COVID vaccinated

Go here to learn more and apply


LindaLee Frazier- Career Coordinator

Tia Molony-C&CC Assistant

Patty Neuenschwander-College Coordinator