Year 5 Weekly Update

Friday 21st November 2014

Week 12

Well done to all Year 5 children for an excellent camp week. It was great to see so many children trying something new and developing their independence. The children showed a wonderful sense of responsibility, both for their own belongings and also for the well being of others.

This week the children had a chance to reflect on their experience at camp.

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Golden book

This week the golden book award winners were:

Unit of Inquiry - Where we are in Place and Time

Our central idea for this unit is:

Migration can impact on people and society

This week we have been continuing our UOI arts rotations. The children have been exploring the stages of migration through the following art forms: drama, sculpture, music & dance.

The children are starting to get excited about sharing their learning with you on our sharing day!


Number groups

Mr Pheasant's group: This week we have been using different methods (traditional, window, lattice and breaking part) to solve multiplication problems involving 2 digit numbers.

Mrs Angell's group: This week we used compatible pairs and place value to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Mr Dray's group: This week we looked for maths in a real world setting and began multiplication mental strategies.

Ms Burley's group: This week we explored the Napier's bones strips and worked out how to use them to solve multiplication problems. You can review this at home with your child;

Homework this week

As your children are now in the upper school, they are expected to be completing 30-45 minutes of homework each night. This will be made up of: approx 15-20 minutes reading with an adult, 10-15 spelling work, and their weekly assigned task.

This week's homework:

This week in class we have been focusing on proof reading and self editing our writing. This is something the children have found challenging. The homework this week will practice these skills. Please complete the activity based on a descriptive text passage about the beach.


Please remember to keep uploading content into your Wevideo account. Those children who did not do this last week had issues keeping up with the rest of the class in their ICT lesson.

UOI dance music

Please find the music that accompanies the dance the children have been learning with Mrs Martin. Please find some time to practice the moves that we have learnt so far.
Good Life (clean) - OneRepublic

Dates for your diary

Other important dates:

Tuesday 2nd December - Year 5 bake sale - please bring in cakes!

Thursday 4th December - 9am Year 5 Sharing morning with parents

Friday 19th December - 12pm End of Term