Unfair Treatment to Dogs


Pit Bulls !

They are so sweet and loving but the media makes us think they are mean and horrible.
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My Pit-Baby !

I found my pit-bull in a cage in a house nobody lived in because they had recently moved. She was starved. Beaten, Scared. But she still licked me and let me pet her I didn't see a pit-bull I saw a dog that needed me. People turn their backs and don't want anything to do with the bread when in all reality they are the best bread of dog I have ever had. She was used as a fighting dog and guess what ? SHE ISNT MEAN. She doesn't bite. She is the sweetest dog ever.

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Dog Fighting.

Pit bulls are the #1 breed of dogs that are used to fight, they are used to fight for their life's all because some low life's think it's funny. My dog was used as a fighting dog before she was left for dead and the conditions they make these dogs live in is horrific. Just like how they don't take them to the vet for medical help if they get hurt. Either it heals or they die. Why don't cops investigate this more instead of drug bust ? Why aren't they equal ? Oh that's right because they are mean dogs and deserve it.
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Attacked !

My female pit-bull was attacked while on her leash walking with me by another large dog. Her ear with holes in the bottom from the teeth of the other dog. That dog wasn't put to sleep or taking away from its owner. But if my dog attacked another dog it would be taking away and killed for the simple fact of she is a pit-bull ! For years they have been missed treated and trained to fight. And nobody steps in or takes a stand.

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Unfair treatment in shelters.

Did you know that in some shelters pit bulls are actually kept away from the other dogs because they don't need in dogs fighting. So I should say I don't want cops mixed in with American Americans because they will kill them ? NOT TRUE!!!!! Just what the media wants you to believe so why isn't it the same for dogs. Because they are dogs it's okay to be treated unfair ? Absolutely not. And people need to realize that.
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Pit bulls are abused more also then other dogs. People go to shelters get pit bulls just to train them to fight or beat them. I have 2 pit bulls where I live that constantly get out of the gate in their yard. And I also have 2 pit bulls in my home. The 2 that get out are so mean and try to bite every time they see someone. And one day I went to the house of the owners to tell them if they didn't get the dogs I was calling the pound to get them. Come to find out as soon as he opened the door there were SEVERAL pit bulls in cages to small for them with no food or water. They looked miserable. Those dogs will never be the same. It then made sense why theses dogs were mean. They didnt wanna go back to that place I called the pound to get them and honestly they most likely got put to sleep. And it's sad they won't get a chance of a real life because some idiot used and abused them
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Shelter !

There are over 136 pittbulls in the shelters in Indiana. And over 1 million in the US. And guess what goes first when over populated. The older dogs and also the pittbulls. That's like killing someone because of their color or because of their religion. It's not fair and shouldn't be tolorated. Pit bulls act the way they are raised. If you raise them to be mean. They are gonna be mean. Maybe we should kill the owners that raise them that way. But wait that wouldn't be right so why kill a innocent animal because of how it was raised.
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Killing Pit-Bulls!!!

Did you know that over 2,000 pit-bulls are killed everyday in shelters ? Because nobody wants to adopt them for the reason they have for years been shown as vicious or mean and in all reality its how YOU treat and raise your pit-bull.