The Judgment of Paris

by ; Nia and Mike


Ever since the king of Troy's son, Paris was destined to bring trouble to the city of Troy, so Paris's father sent him to live with a shepered. Then when Paris grew up there was a wedding with the warrior Peleus and the goddess Thetis and all of the gods went except of the goddess of conflict, Eris. Since Eris wasn't invited she threw a golden apple and the three goddesses Athena, Hera and Aphrodite fought over who would have the apple, so Zeus told them to go to Paris and he would judge who is most beautiful. Once they got there they all bribed Paris with their gifts, Athena would make him a great warrior, Hera would make him the ruler of Asia and Europe and Aphrodite would give him the most beautiful woman on the earth. Paris then decided that Aphrodite was the prettiest so Hera and Athena decided that all of the Trojans would deserve misfortune. Then Aphrodite told Paris that he could marry Helen who was already married to the king Menelaus. After when Paris got there king Menelaus let him in with honor because he was the prince of Troy, when he met Helen they both fell in love and they eventually got married when Menelaus was out. Paris decided to get married at the city of Troy so Helen would live like a queen. When Paris realized that his wife was gone he gathered his army and they went after Paris, with Athena and Hera guiding them. This story lead to the events of the Trojan war.

The characteristics of Paris

Fair: Paris was fair because when he had to judge the goddesses on their beauty he chose carefully.

Brave: Paris showed bravery when he married king Menelaus's wife, Helen

Unfaithful: Paris was unfaithful because he left his first wife, Oenone for his new wife Helen

Stubborn: Paris is stubborn because he refused to see his real father at the beginning of the myth

Unintelligent: Paris is unintelligent because he managed to upset Athena and Hera, and the king of Sparta

The 3 Goddesses


Paris is the child of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Paris is the Prince, he was born to bring trouble to those that loved him including his parents. Paris's parents sent him away from the City to live with the shepherd on Mont Ida because his parents did not have the heart to kill him. While he was living with the shepherd he was trending sleep until the day he dies. He became should an important person in world history because he served as a judge in a beauty contest because Zeus sent three goddesses, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite down to earth to find Paris. Pair's was to judge which goddess was the most beautiful and who ever wins would receive the golden apple. When the goddesses found Pair the start to bribe him. Hera bribe Paris by telling him if he chooses him she will make him the ruler of all Europe and Asia. Athena started to bribe him by saying that if he choose her she would make him the most famous warrior and that he would lead the Trojons to victory against the Greeks. Aphrodite being speaking from a distance and Paris began following her voice to find her. Once he found her she bribe him by saying if he chooses her that she would give him a most beautiful woman in the world. So now Paris begins to choose the most beautiful goddesses he began saying to himself that is has no desire of begin a warrior and ruler but to have the most beautiful woman in the world to himself he thought. He thought over is decision and said Aphrodite is the most beautiful, the woman Aphrodite gave him was Helen, Zeus's daughter When Paris and Helen looked upon each other for the first time they fell in love. This union brought on the Trojan war.

Extenstion of Knowlage

In the end of the myth The Judgment of Paris lead to the beginning of the Trojan War because Paris married Menelaus wife of Helen. So the strategy that the Greeks choose was to hide inside the wooden Trojan Horse so that they could knock down the walls of Troy. During the end of the war, the Greeks won which lead to the destruction of Troy,


We chose this book because it seemed really interesting, we wanted to know how the Trojan War started and who started it. Also the title seemed interesting so we wanted to read more about it and we wanted to learn about Paris and who he was.
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