Civano Community School

April 5, 2020

Community Time Invite

Community Time Continues!

I have received several emails from parents about news stories concerning Zoom being a potentially vulnerable space for students. We were alerted to these concerns right after we started CT and have taken steps to protect our students and families:

  • All of our Zoom CT's meetings require passwords. I now only share those through Smore invites/newsletters or emails to our families.
  • I place incoming people into a waiting room until I can check that I know that student/family and allow them into the meeting.
  • I disable anyone else's ability to screen share with the group.
  • I record the meetings to review if there are any issues.
  • And I now require all students to have their real first or last name for our calls on their login. If I don't recognize them, I'll send them a chat to verify their school membership and if they do not respond, I won't let them in. That actually happened last week and we were able to work it out after the meeting.

Last Friday, we discussed Community Time norms (please view the Smore newsletter I sent on 4/2/20) during Community Time with students. If there are any doubts or if students do not respond to redirects in the Chat function, I will simply delete a participant from the meeting and follow up after the meeting. I realize that other vulnerabilities may crop up and we will diligently work to protect our students and families.

Your support during this endeavor to keep our school community connected to one another is important and appreciated! I encourage you to take a moment to discuss this topic appropriately with your student. Please reach out to me if you have questions or wish to discuss it further.

Here's the invite for Monday's Community Time (BTW -- we are working on a direct invite with Upper School students (grades 6-8); however we will continue to send an invite to each family's email).

You are invited to bring your pet for some extra fun!!

Lydia Crain is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: *Community Time -- Monday, April 6, 2020

Time: 9:30am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 621 386 235

Password: 076118

Grab and Go Lunch Revised Schedule....Please note there is no lunch being served on Friday, 4/10

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