Quarter 1 Newsletter

Amanda Goran, Academic Coach

Happenings in STEM

As a district, we are continuing to expand our STEM options. At our middle school, we have added several new electives this year. Those electives include Robotics, Forensics, Computer Science, Energy and Environmental Science, Graphic Design and Photography. In the Elementary school, we have STEM bins throughout the building for teachers to use as well as a restructured Library elective where students have a STEM challenge each week. Not only do we have these specific classes, but teachers are incorporating STEM activities in the classroom that connect to the content they are teaching. We also have a Lego club through KES PTA for students to participate in and a STEM club for KMS and KHS students.

Standards Based Grading

The following article is a good read about the shift to Standards Based Grading (SBG). It goes over how SBG is different from traditional grading and how it can benefit both you and your child.

Standards Based Grading Article


Looking for ways to help your students who may be struggling, or do they have an interest and want to learn more? Khan Academy is a great free website that can help students of all ages. If students do not have an account, it is free to create one. Students can find videos to help them in Math, Science and Engineering, Computing, Arts and Humanities, Econocimcs and Finance, ELA, College and Careers and test prep. Check it out!!