State Testing

Monday, 4/26 thru Friday, 5/7

Can You Help Us?

We want your child to have a good testing experience in the next two weeks.

Promote a positive attitude

Parents should promote a positive attitude towards learning and testing. Kids need to take tests seriously and be strategic, but also feel confident and mentally prepared. Parents can help children feel prepared for the test by encouraging children to visualize success on test day. In other words, ask children to close their eyes and imagine themselves taking the test and feeling great about it.

Be on time for school

Being organized and having your child arrive at school on time helps reduce classroom interruptions and distractions allowing teachers to focus on teaching lessons to all students. Being early helps to keep your child's stress and anxiety at a minimum during this highly focused event.

Eat well, exercise, and rest

It is important for students to have adequate sleep (eight hours is recommended), eat balanced meals, drink plenty of water, and get exercise. Foods high in protein, and water help to stimulate the brain. Exercise, such as stretching and walking, helps to supply the brain with oxygen. Eating a healthy breakfast before school, particularly on the day of the test, gives the body the fuel it needs to maintain long periods of concentration.

Plan enjoyable and relaxing activities

Trying to squeeze a little more preparation in immediately before the test is not advised because it can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Studying the day before or the day of the test leads to increased anxiety and should be avoided. Instead, plan enjoyable activities to feel relaxed and ready.