Bohr Model

Niesl Bohr's model

Making the model

Bohr's model showed how the electrons can be stable around the nucleus. The Bohr model was developed rather quickly, in only a few years, from two directions.

First, the particle-like nature of light energy. Planck proposed the quantization of energy and Second, the nuclear model of the atom. Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus in 1911, and this immediately created a problem.


Niels Bohr was a guy who grew up with Brothers and his brothers were genus people too one was a professor in math and sooner or later Bohr saw Rutherford model and wanted to go on his experiment and made is stable and called it the Bohr model some evidence he used was,Bohr went on with Rutherford model but it was unstable, but when Bohr looked at it he put the same amount of protons then electrons and it then became stable.

Energy levils

Niels Bohr made energy levels where only a certain amount of electrons can hold in each energy level: 1.2 2.8 3.32 electrons and so on.