Paper Towns by John Green

by John Green

"What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person."


Quentin Jacobson is bored with his life, the same routine everyday in Jefferson Park, right outside of Orlando, Florida. But one night his very interesting neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman, sneaks through his window and wants to go on an adventure. She shows him their little paper town, where nothing exciting happens. When the next day when he came to school to discover that she ran away, he finds that shes left little clues to discover where she was. Searching everywhere with his two closest friends in a minivan, looking all throughout Florida to find this mysterious girl.


I chose this book because i wanted to read more by the author, John Green.My opinion of this book is that it is amazing, it hooks you in immediately. My favorite part was when Margo snuck through Quentin's room and she needed to use his minivan and they went and trashed her now ex boyfriend because he was cheating on her. Then after that Margo went and showed Quentin an outlook on their town, which she hates because nothing exciting ever happens. I liked this book because since Margo wanted Quentin to find her and she very smalls clues with big meanings that they would only understand, but the book took you through the thought process. Another reason was it's not just a love story, Paper Towns shows you the special bond between him and his two closest friends, Ben and Radar. I would recommended this book to anybody above the age of 13.
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