First Grade Happenings

What's up in First Grade?

Reminders and Notes!

Hello! The first reminder is that tomorrow is Spirit Day! We will start handing out laminated tickets with each child's name on it next week that will need to be returned. For this week, all students have earned spirit gear.

*Great job to the students that participated in our first Mass of the year today- Delilah, Ruth, Paloma, Daniel, Edgar, Layla and Izaiah all did a great job! We will have students from the other class filling these roles next week.

*Next week on Wednesday we will give out progressive reports. These are basic reports to let you know how your child is doing academically and socially in our class so far. These are not official report cards, but just a good check-in as we get closer to conferences. We will be using standards based grading- 1, 2, 3 and 4 to check in with you. We will provide more information on this attached to the report card, but a basic overview is that do not be concerned if your child has few or no 3's at this point in the year- these are new standards that we will be grading throughout the whole year so all of our students still have a lot to learn!

*Picture day has been moved to Wednesday, October 28th. The dress code for pictures is uniforms with sweaters if possible.

*Please let us know if your child has a birthday for the month of October and to confirm that you would like to bring in a treat! I know that we have quite a few so please email us to let us know. We will have the October Birthday party date be in the middle of the month to not compete with Halloween. We will have the party on October 16th. Look forward to seeing you there!

*Show and tell is tomorrow!

*Site word spelling tests were today and will continue tomorrow. We will send out the new words next week. Keep practicing! I was very impressed with the results so far this week!

Field Trip and Chaperone Information

Well it's finally almost here- the day that all of our students have been waiting for! Our field trip is on Tuesday, October 20th.

Few other reminders:

*First, if you have not turned in the medical form or 6$ per a student please do so as soon as possible! We cannot have the students come on the field trip without them!

*We are supposed to be at the farm by 9:30. We will leave at around 8:30. Please make sure that your child is on time for that school (Every day, but particularly for the field trip!).

*For the field trip please have your child wear weather appropriate clothes- rain boots, a jacket and pants that they can get dirty. If you could pack their uniform in their backpacks or a separate bag for the day of the field trip, that would be very helpful!

*To make it easier for transportation, we would like all student's to get a school lunch for that day which will be a sack lunch. If your child has special dietary restrictions, you may pack them bring a disposable lunch but please let us know.


*We are blessed to have many involved parents and family members that will be joining us on our field trip. Please make sure that you also arrive on time and ready to go. We will not need any parent chaperones to drive other students, but if you would like to drive only your own student, that is allowed but not encouraged as the students do have a fun time riding on the bus. All parents will need to provide their own transportation to the farm as space on the bus will be limited, but you can carpool with other parents. As we have so many chaperones we will have a large group as we tour the farm so it will be important to split up into smaller groups at times after we all get our pumpkins. I am going to call Farm tomorrow to confirm the number of people and the activities we will be doing. After we have completed touring the farm, we will eat lunch at the farm before returning to school.

Please please please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the upcoming field trip!

Contact Info

Please email us at or

You can either email both of us for questions or concerns about both classes or let one of us know if you have an individual question.