Book Babbles and Blues #5

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Newsletter #5

Hi bookfriends! This week has been relatively quiet. Only read two books to review (apparently this week's theme for reviews is purple covers), but I did write a fun post about bookrecs and did a really nice and summery booktag. Apart from that, I started watching Booktube. Bookbloggers on Youtube. I never really watched any booktube videos before, and now I know why: they're addictive. And the reason why I keep adding books to my tbr. That's how I now have more than 470 books on my tbr list. Heehee. Oops. Anyway, that's what's going on in my life. Hope you're having a great week and that you're stuck in a wonderful bookworld.

Love, Amy

"Maybe it's just that beautiful things are so easily broken by the world."

Book Tag Time: The Fruity Book Tag

The Fruity Book Tag was created by my bestie Liv from Olivia Chanel and, what a coincidence, she tagged me to do this tag too! I think it’s a super fun and summer-ish tag, so I’m excited to share my answers with you all. It’s an easy tag, six different fruits and six different topics makes for some fun answers. Check my answers here!
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Books I got recommended and ended up loving

For Random Babbles I talk about everything and anything bookish under the sun. And for today I want to talk about books I got recommended by my dear bookfriends and that I ended up loving. Click here to check my full post.