Animal Farm

Novel Genre

Animal Fable: A short tale that teaches a lesson, usually with animals or objects as characters, features objects or forces in nature that illustrates to a moral lesson.
Allegory: a poem or story that can reveal a hidden meaning, typically or political meaning.
Satire: an exaggeration or sense of humor that is used.
Tyrannical Government: A state ruled by tyrant or an absolute ruler.
Communist Russia: The pigs in Animal Farm represent Russia.

Chapter Summary

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Chapter One

1. Some animals act like animals.

2. Old major talks about the evil humans.

3. Old major talks about his dream.

4. The animals act as slaves in the farm.

1. Old Major dies.

2. Animals start planning the rebellion.

3. Pigs are responsible for teaching the others about animalism.

4. When Jones falls asleep drunken the rebellion occurs.

Chapter Three

1. Boxer seems to be doing most of the work at the farm.

2. Snowball and Napoleon never seem to agree with each other.

3. They learn what is put in the pigs mash.

4. Snowball forms Animal Committees.

Chapter Four

1. Boxer is upset about taking a life.

2. Snowball says dead things are good in his life.

3. Mollie is hidden when the battle is happening.

4. Jones spends half of his time in a pub.

Chapter Five

1. Napoleon says meetings are only for important things that they need to talk about.

2. Snowball has a speech.

3. When winter comes Mollie starts working less and less.

4. Dogs chase Snowball off the farm.

1. Boxer proves his dedication.

2. They worked harder at the farm than before.

3. Whymper goes to the farm every Monday.

4. Pigs start sleeping in bed.

1. They struggle to fix up the windmill.

2. Snowball is believed to be innocent.

3. Struggle against starvation.

4. Hens try to make a protest.

Chapter Eight

1. Napoleon is also known as Comrade Napoleon.

2. Napoleon is the new leader.

3. The windmill is destroyed.

4. Whymper learns that Fredrick's banknotes are forgeries.

Chapter Nine

1. Boxer falls over and is brought to a "hospital".

2. He is actually taken to a glue factory.

3. The animals have food shortages.

4. With the money the pigs made off of boxer they use to buy alcohol.

Chapter Ten

1. The pigs start walking on two legs.

2. Mr. Pilkington congratulates them on their hard work.

3. The farm is back to its old name which is Minor Farm.

4. Jones dies in an inebriates' home.

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Characters symbols

Snowball: Trotsky

Napoleon: Stalin

Old Major: Karl Marx

Mollie: Bourgeoisie

Benjamin: Intellect

Boxer: Russians

Clover: Female Russian

Moses: Russian Church

Squealer: Propaganda

Muriel: White goat

Mr. Jones: Tsar Nicholas II

Mr. Fredrick: Hitler

Mr. Pilkington: United States

Mr. Whymper: Gullible people

Sheep: Loyalty

Dogs: Hardworking people

Ducklings: Noise


Songs: A short poem that is sung and has meaning behind it.

Rituals: Something people do on an important occasion.