Will We Improve Race Relations?

Noel Carter

Slavery in America

Slavery began with the slave owners with the triangular trade. The triangular trade was a path where three regions traded and exported goods and slaves. Many slaves where exported out of the country on slave ships. These slave ships where the coffins of many slaves. Diseases, malnutrition, dehydration, and starvation where the key to death on these ships. More than 20 million slaves where transported to their new life with their masters. Slaves where used as tools by their masters. Most lived a hard life of working all day in the fields harvesting cotton that would be sold for money to buy land, slaves, and to pay off taxes. With in years, many slaves where used more and more in the fields harvesting cotton for the newly made cotton gin. The income of the cotton gin raised the value to $150,000 to more than eight million, this made the rights of slaves harder to obtain.

Slaves were treated poorly, they lived a hard, cruel life. These people where treated like animals and barely had any rights. Most slaves worked from early in the morning to the sun set. Many slaves had a poor diet from the abandonment of the slave owners. The slave owners gave the bare minimum of food and clothing possible. The slaves lived in small stick houses with a dirt floor, the houses had cracks in the walls that allowed the flow of cold wind. The windows where made of small, thin sheets tied around the edge. Many slaves were punished if they were caught doing anything wrong. for example, if a master were to catch a slave not working, the slave would be punished. Being whipped, chained and tied would be one of the very many options of punishment. The slaves had no rights. He or she could not speak to a white man without being spoken to, they were also not allowed to read or write. The slave could not go to school but some could participate in church. Many slaves could do nothing more than cleaning what they have as shelter on their leisure time.

It took until 1865 for slavery to become illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. One event that started the better future of the slaves was in 1784, one Methodist Church decided to denounce slavery. The people who are apart of this church had twelve months to set free their slaves, if they went against this, they were suspended. The second event was in the 1800s, The Second Great Awakening Began. This made Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists have African Americans join their church which lead to many more abolitionists in America. The third event was in 1846. An African American abolitionist decided to write a book based on his experience in slavery and how he escaped and wanted to share the horrors of slavery. This promoted abolition and improved social and economic conditions of African Americans. Finally, one of the most important events that lead to the end of slavery in America, the Emancipation Proclamation. This lead to the freeing of slaves in rebellious states in America.

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There are still racial tensions today world-wide.

Through out the years, you would think that the racial tensions would decrease. It has done the complete opposite. There are more racial tensions today that are targeting the differences between African Americans and Caucasians. There are many racial slurs and stereotypical comments made between these races. These comments are hurtful, some don't even notice what they are saying and don't know what the effects of using the words. These thoughts are demeaning and take control of people. There are so many stereotypes around the world that make you judge people who you do not even know, this causes people to be treated differently. For example, a while ago there was an incident that involved an African American and a Caucasian Police man. The police officer approached the man questioning if he was selling single cigarettes. After telling the police officer he was done of being harassed, the officer went to put him in handcuffs. Swatting his wrists away, Eric Garner was then pushed onto the ground with a choke hold while the officer called for back up. After screaming, " i cant breathe!" Eric died from being held in the choke hold to long. This is an example of stereotypes gone to far. Instead of questioning the man, he jumped to conclusions which then lead to the mans death on a problem that was not even proved or solved.

I have a plan to create equality throughout the races. My plan is to make a new law that bans any racial slurs, remarks or comments. This new law will help change the stereotypes around the world. This law will make people more careful of what they say, they would want to avoid doing this because of the punishments that follow this act. If a person is caught making a racial remark, they will be fined and more punishments would be added. This law will be enforced throughout the U.S.

Noel Carter