The world and children at peace

Peace around the world would be no war,violence,crime and terrorists. Peace around the world could also be to share and help people.Children can be peaceful by working and living toghether and not fight. We can make peace by making flyers on SMORE and sending them to everybody in the school.

Human Rights

People should have the right to travel. People always should have the right to be educated. People should have the right to be in a group for example a soccer team. The right for free speech. To have freedom of religion and to beleive in whichever god they want


UN was made after 9/11 the UN is an organization for peace around the world countries can join the UN and help support peace . Since then more than 180 countries have joined it .9/11 was a very sad day because terrorist flew planes into the twin towers and killed many people after that the USA went to war with iraq later the UN was created.The UN declaration was created later on and says human right including protection,no war , no racisim, and peace. Peace is the world with no war racisim or violence the world at peace would be beautiful.

Jacobo De Leon Maria C. Gullesserian

Hello, i'm Jacobo the person typing right now I was born on May 30 Ottawa,Canada I like writing and acting. Hello, my name is Maria Cristina the other person typing right now. I was born on November 2 in Costa Rica, I like singing and acting.