My Memories

Norma Montoya

My retreat

I always wondered what did it feel to have God in my heart. My Dear friend from church invited me to a retreat. I said maybe. My mind had no time to think about loving God or experience anything with him, my heart was like a rock. It was locked and dark, the keys were far away from me. My mom, who means the world to me, encouraged me to attend and live a very special and unforgettable experience. Her excitement for me crushed me in tiny pieces and soften my heart. I did not only said yes to an invitation to a three day get-away from home, but I said yes to God, and to his offer to know him. I had everything backed, my mom did most of it. The time was here, I kissed my mom good-bye and knew that I had to become someone that prays to God, and guides others to the path of light and not darkness with words of experience and a smile. The meeting room was replete with young adults, each of them gave me a glance of acceptance. Every minute with them and the presence of God, it was so peaceful and for once, I knew that someone loved me. It was a beautiful experience, no words can explain the reason for my tears, I felt the need to let everything out. God was telling me that he was in me, and he is listening to my prayers and repentance. The day we came back, it was time to face the world with a new perspective, with loving eyes, and God in our hearts.

I was happy for once. I felt an unexplainable feeling, it was something unique, and I knew God had touched my heart and I knew I was going in the right path. Now I am grateful for having this approach with God, our savior, he loves each one of us, and we should love him with all our heart.

A Fairytale

I believed in Prince Charming,

him who would be able to fight any dragon
and save his princess and

live happily ever after.

This only exist in Fairytales.

It is unfair to grow as a little innocent girl

and believe in a prince, when life is full of

false promises of love.

This is even worse than believing in Santa Claus

or The Tooth Fairy.

It is a fantasy that seems un painful, but becomes

the deepest injury ever.

My eyes have become the witness of many broken hearts

the perfect man is like a dream I do not want to wake up from,

but suddenly becomes a reality I have to face day by day.

I wish I could be part of a Fairytale and meet my Prince Charming.

At the end it is just a Fairytale, meaning unreal, beautiful and a desilucion.

My Other Half

My best friend is the most amazing person on earth.

Her way of making everyone laugh is incredible, everything

she says is hilarious, I cannot go a minute without laughing

when I am around her. I love to laugh, so we laugh together.

Four years of friendship have been rough. We have been through

everything, and I am thankful for walking every step next to her

and overcoming painful situations.

I love everything about her, I admire her because she is

strong, loving, honest and the best friend anyones could have.

I am glad we are graduating together, we made it. She is my other half,

I cannot go a day without thinking about her and wondering how she is.

Her name is Rebeca, and she has become a sister to me, I love her.

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My twin

She is so beautiful and young

She has been through so much,

It is not easy to be a mother and father at the same time.

I admire her because she is the best, she is the most important thing

in my life, she is the reason why I am who I am.

They ask if she is my sister, she laughs and blushes.

I see her like my twin, even though she is my mother.

We have the same name, we are like two drops of water.

We laugh a lot, and take care of each other.

She puts me first before anything else, and it makes me have nothing

but happy memories about this women, my mom, the love of my life.
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