Antivirus against Virus Threats

Antivirus shields system against virus threats…..

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It is an irony, all good things in this world need protection. Like a rose is protected by thorns; coconut is protected by hard shell; tortoise is protected because of thick skin. This protection is important, otherwise all the beautiful things around us will die or enervate.

The way nature protects exquisite life, alike antivirus protects the system against deadly malware, Trojans, and spyware.

Antivirus software is a program which detects, prevent and clean up computer viruses which try to infect your computer system. Antivirus scans downloaded files as well as your entire computer system in order to detect the presence of an infection. The word virus is a broad term this virus can be as simple as prank. This virus not just replicates in your system but also spreads in other systems.

There is no specific route for virus, it comes through various channels. At times it comes through picture, audio, video or sound clips. Here are certain signs which tell your system is infected and they are…

  • · Pop-ups, noises or music.
  • · Files and icons appearing on your desktop or other places.
  • · Files and icons which were on your system before have disappeared.
  • · A high number of unusual error messages
  • · On screen text, graphics, pop-ups and dialogs
  • · Hard disks, CD/DVD drives or other hardware components.
  • · Applications are no longer accessible with passwords
  • · System becomes too slow or constantly freezes.
  • · Your system crashes and reboots every few minutes

How to get rid off from this problem…

· Make sure that you have good firewall in place on your network.

· Make sure that your system always has the most recent updates installed. You can do this in Windows 7/Vista by using the Windows Update feature.

· There are a number of good antivirus programs to choose from including Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus. You can also get help from norton technical support toll free phone number , mcafee antivirus technical support phone number

Antivirus software is sold or distributed in many forms, from standalone antivirus scanners to complete Internet security suites that bundle antivirus with a firewall, privacy controls, and other adjunct security protection.

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Some vendors, such as Microsoft, AVG, Avast, and other antivirus offers free antivirus software for home use.

Though there many antivirus software are available in the market, but still some consultation is important for antivirus and for that browsers can rely on , browsers can also call on

1-844-798-3801 for all antivirus related queries.