22-23 SMHS Cheer Weekly Preview


Cheers to the holiday season!!

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December CAlendar

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Last week in the knights cheer world

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Comp Team Competes at 2022 CIF Championships!


MONDAY 12/05/2022


TUESDAY 12/06/2022

WEDNESDAY 12/07/2022


THURSDAY 12/08/2022

FRIDAY 12/09/2022


SATURDAY 12/10/2022


Basketball Season TENTATIVE Schedule

Join the Band!!

SMCT Community Outreach Project 2022-Below you will find opportunities to earn community service hours as well as promote our program's philanthropy!

11/09-12/05 Giving Tree Project

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Please consider clicking on the above link and/or QR code and donating to our SMHS students in need! Items can be delivered to me at the school or given to ASB room in the SMHS Student Union.

Items Needed:

Reusable Water Bottles


Body Wash

Gift Card Walmart ($10-$25)

Gift Card Target ($10-$25)

Gift Card Amazon ($10-$25)

Gift Card Starbucks ($10-$25)

Gift Card Gas ($25-$100)

Gift Card Grocery ($50+)


Light Blue Queen Size Blanket

Light Blue Twin Size Blanket

Pajamas (Sz L)

Running Shoes (Sz 9.5)


Roller Blades (Sz adult 8.5)

Girl Shoes (Sz adult 8.5)

Girls Pants (Sz 14/16)

SMCT Thanksgiving Donation

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The SMCT collected a total of $630 in donations along with many food items! Michelle Atkins and her social work team were extremely grateful for our generous donations!! Thank you for donating to our SMHS families in need.

*FUNdraising EVENTS*


Varsity competition team updates

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12/15 Practice

Our girls will be working with former USA judge, current UCA staff member, and CBU Stunt recruit Alexandra Reynolds on 12/15...Lexy will be helping our comp team to address CIF Judge comments and clean up each section of our routine. Lexy will be a great resource on our road to nationals!!

dECEMber birthdays!!!

People with December birthdays are people who are usually great athletes, quite happy and jovial, and they are very studious. They are also people who are usually ambitious, determined, generous and quite careful. They stand out for their enthusiasm, joviality and joy, they are fun-loving and very confident in life and in the future, they are optimistic people and since they are usually very lucky, they tend to believe, that everything will work out despite the difficulties.


Samantha C. 12/18


Elizabeth W. 12/07


Melia G. 12/12

Mckenna G. 12/12

Hannah H. 12/13

Aubrey M. 12/22

please read!

  • If you have a specific question for a coach, please email the coach directly. Please give at least 48 hours for a response. If you need an immediate response, please text the Cheer Advisor.

  • Parents are asked to follow the specific Grievance Protocol for concerns that arise during the season. Parental concerns are taken seriously, as parents are a vital part of the San Marcos Cheer family.

  • GRIEVANCE PROTOCOL/Chain of Command: Any complaints from parents/guardians and/or cheerleaders must follow the proper grievance protocol/chain of command as outlined below

  1. First level of contact: The cheerleader/parent/guardian must first notify and/or meet with a coach or specifically a Head Coach of that athlete’s squad. armando.castellanos@smusd.org, Heather Gasso, and andrea.vandeusen@smusd.org
  2. Second level of contact: The cheerleader/parent/guardian must notify and/or meet with the Head Coach and Cheer Advisor andrea.vandeusen@smusd.org

  3. Third level of contact:Cheerleaders/parent/guardian will notify and/or meet with the Athletic Director jeff.dufek@smusd.org

  4. Fourth level of contact:Cheerleaders/parent/guardian will notify and/or meet with the Admin over athletics john.livingston@smusd.org

  • Please note that the SMHS Cheer Booster is not part of the grievance protocol...Please DO NOT concern booster parents with complaints that are not related to fundraising or booster sponsored events. If you have a complaint or concern, Coach VanDeusen, Coach Heather, and/or Coach Armando are the most appropriate first points of contact.

THE following is in effect and will be strictly enforced


  • If you leave practice early: You will sit out for the same amount of time you leave early and collectively this can add up over time.

  • If one practice is missed= Verbal explanation of violation, warning against future consequence and cheerleader will show up at the next scheduled game in full uniform and sit out a portion of a game with her/his coach. However long will be up to discretion from the coach.

  • If two practices are missed= Verbal explanation of violation, warning against future consequence and cheerleader will show up at the next scheduled game in full uniform and will sit out the entire game and meet with the athlete and parent to discuss disciplinary action, probation, and action plan.

  • Continuous absences will result in removal from the program. Please do not commit to our team if you can not attend practice regularly


  • Cheerleaders must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher in order to participate in our program. Any member failing to meet this standard will be put on academic probation for 6 weeks. During this time the member is not eligible to perform at any event, but he/she must still attend all events to support their team. Once the 6 week probation is up, if the student’s grades are above a 2.0, they may rejoin the team's activities. If not, the cheerleader will be removed from the cheer team.



Elle is a senior member of the varsity cheer team, one of 4 varsity captains, and this will be her fourth year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Elle:

Favorite color: Pink/Green

Favorite food: Sushi

Hobbies: Hanging with friends, going to the beach, and shopping

Favorite sport(s): Gymnastics

I look up to my grandma

When I grow up I would like to be a physician's assistant or therapist

Awards/Accolade(s): UCA All-American

Two words that describe you: Friendly and Responsible


Hey There Knight Cheer Fam!

Welcome to Week 16!!! WHAT A WEEK!!! I was able to spend Thursday and Friday in the mountains with our SMHS students at Camp Lead and then met our booster moms at the school on Saturday at 6:00am for our CIF competition. Twas a busy few days doing what I love! Our first time hosting the CIF SD Cheerleading Sectionals was a HUGE success! GIGANTIC thanks to Tanya M. for coordinating all of our vendors, all of my booster moms for coordinating volunteers and donations, and another big thank you to all of the parents and athletes who showed up for our program. Thank you to my assistant coach, Heather Gasso who along with her volun"told" husband single handedly rolled 9 cheer mats from the cheer room to the main gym floor on Friday night. Thank you to Kristin V. who helped me vacuum those 9 mats at 6am in the morning the following day! I am extremely grateful for those of you who donated your time and energy to make our first CIF event such an amazing success. The CIF committee members had nothing but positive praise for our beautiful facilities and outstanding organization. The limited participation from our program members was unfortunate but I truly appreciate those who came out!

Our comp girls made a great showing! Coach Heather and I were extremely proud of each athlete. Their hardwork and dedication to their team proved positive. As it stands, we were ranked 3rd out of 7 teams in the Division II Large Varsity Intermediate division. Coach Heather and I have already adjusted and are ready to focus on regionals and then NATIONALS!!!

Please reach out to me if you would like to help out with the ALL teams Holiday Party that will be held at the Fernandes House on 12/17...More information to come!

Basketball season is HERE!!! I will be meeting with the teams this week to discuss the schedule and game plan. We will be cheering for all levels this year. We will also be cheering for both boys and girls teams! The teams will only travel to a few away games which will be announced in the near future. All home games will be attended. Please see the calendar for our first home game!

Cheers to a great week of THANKS!!

Remember to Keep it Classy and GOOOOO KNIGHTS!!