My Code of Ethics

Emily Sellers


Courage shows that you are a strong person, it shows that you are willing to stick up for yourself or someone else.


Telling the truth can have a lot of effects of someone, like if someone has been gossiping about your friend, tell them the truth about it so they don't have to feel the sense of danger if they don't know, they will be able to help stop from it happening

Be confident

if you are confident, that will make people know you are a reliable person with problems and you can help to solve them

Responsibility with your family

Show your family that you can be a responsible and reliable person, Being responsible is like being and adult because people can trust you better and know they can trust you with their problems.

Responsibility with yourself

One of the most important codes of ethics is to be responsible with yourself, to show people that you can keep yourself into a nice clean person and stay that way.