School News

September 13, 2021

COVID Protocol

The Board of Education will meet this Monday to review our procedures for COVID. If there are changes made you will be notified.

It is really important to keep your child home if they have a cold. As we saw this week the new strand for COVID spreads quickly. If your child has allergies then please visit with your child's teacher.

We want to keep everyone healthy, safe, and in school. We will make sure the buildings are clean, we are washing our hands, and trying to distance when possible. You make sure your child is feeling well and can come to school.


Chapel on Wednesday, September 15, please dress nice.

Mrs. Carlson's class will be singing in chapel this week. This will be recorded and shared with you on our website and Facebook page. We are not allowing parents at chapel at this time.

Our chapel offerings for the first quarter will be going to Lutherans in Africa.

Memory Verse for September

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

Students 1st through 5th Grade have the opportunity to be picked for shining star when they say the memory verse from my Smore Newsletter. Their name will go into a jar and during Monday Opening a name will be drawing.

Our first Monday Opening will be Monday, September 27th. They need to tell me the verse by the Friday before Monday Opening.

School Supply Fees

If you haven't paid your school/snack supply fee please do so by Friday, September 17th.

Thank you

PAWS (PTL Meeting) Change of Place

Our first PAWS/PTL meeting will be on September 14 at 3:30 in the Parrish Hall at the church. If you have been asked to be a room parent please make plans to attend.

Everyone is welcome to attend, we will be focusing on the Ham/Turkey Fundraiser in October.

See You at the Pole

On Wednesday, September 22 we will have a special chapel.

We will all meet at the Flag Pole at 8:00 AM for chapel. Parents are welcome. It will last 10-15 minutes.

Everyone in the nation will be praying that day. The bible verse is James 4:10

"Humble your selves before the Lord, and he will lift you up."

Calendar for September

Sept. 14 PAWS meeting at 3:30 in the Parrish Hall at the church.

Sept. 22 See You at the Pole

Sept. 24 Soccer Day Third-Fifth Grade

Sept. 27 Monday Opening at 8:30

Sept. 27 Spirit Day