Be careful with Strangers

Learn About the Good and the Bad about cellphones

The Good!

Cellphones are good to use: The good things are that you can chat with your friends talking in a good manner.

-You can also take appropriate photos and send it to your friends.

-You can call your mom or dad when you are in trouble.

-As I said you can use your phone to talk or messages your friends and do your homework with them.

The Bad!

The bad things about cellphones are:

- Your vision can get worse

-Your friends can take a message in a bad way (use emoji).

-You can be exposed to things that can not be good for your age.

-You might get an invitation to be a STRANGERS friend. Be careful with who you choose to be friends with.

The Ugly

The ugly can be really bad. The ugly is when you cyberbully someone or even get cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is when you get in a fight with someone online and you hurt their feelings or they hurt your feelings. The other ugly thing is that when you post a picture of you near your house, a stranger can see it and go to your house. That can lead to a lot of trouble.

Remember Guys and Girls, Be careful with your phones!