Hop Aboard The Titanic!

Selling tickets now! Get your's before they are gone!

This April...

April 10, 1912 from April 18, 1912 join us on a magical cruise. This fascinating ship is unsinkable, can hold 2,200 passengers, and a whole lot of fun. Buy your tickets now. Time is limited and so are the tickets!

Wealthy, Bored, Don't Get Seasick?

Only the best of the best can hop aboard this relaxing and romantic cruise down the Atlantic Ocean. First Class tickets are for sale now, only $57,200, second class $1,200 and third class only $900. So come on, say you boarded the unsinkable ship. The Titanic!

7 Reasons To Buy a First Class Ticket

1. First Class Dining with a beautiful view.

2. First Class Ballroom

3. First Class Deck and Bar

4. First Class Smoke Room

5. Private Suite with private bathroom

6. Exercise and Workout Gym

7. First class menu and 5 star restaurant with buffet.

Second Class

Second Class has many good advantages over third class. Second class has their only dining lounge and rooms all to themselves. With 5 star dining and a great view. It truly is unbeatable.

Third Class

Third Class is still an awesome experience to eat, dance and more exciting activities. With a buffet and 5 star dining restaurant. With a beautiful view from the top deck and the trip of a lifetime.

Titanic Cruise

Wednesday, April 10th 1912 at 12pm

Titanic Ship Boarding Station