Compost&Recycling Very Enlightening

By Dylan Puentes & Adriel Nieto

Let me ask you something? Do you know the job of a compost bin and how important it is?

No? Than let me tell you somethings composting can do form you and the environment.

The Problem's !

The reason we come to the conclusion of getting a composting bin is to not just help with stop the levels of global warming but to lower the garbage levels in the school. Plus when water mix's with the trash theirs a chemical made that plays a huge role in global warming

it's called methane. And with composting we can tremendously lower the levels of that to

The Benefits Of Composting :)

The benefits of composting is 1st that it makes vary good soil so we could, not only minimize the trash produced by the school. But we could also use it for Mr. Dahlstrom's garden in the courtyard. 2nd, We could also make good fertilizer for the garden as well.