stop gangs before they stop you

stop kids joing gangs

Who are in gangs

Gang members are generly ages up to 8-22 year olds.

Gang activets

Gangs are on the leading factor of growth of violent crimes both on and off school property.

What do you do to be in gangs

When going in gangs often times there there is an ination that neends to be passed. this ination is uasly a violent crime could be murder, rape, drive by shooting.

How many gangs are there

86% of U.S. cites with a population of 100,000 or more report gangs activty near school.

Neighborhood gangs

Neighborhood base gangs pose the highest rate of signifacte threat for violience crimes in the U.S.

Lets put a stop to gangs

come on kids lets put a stop to Neighborhood gangs and sing a plege to not join a Neighborhood gangs. Just remember stop gangs before they stop you.
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