Chapter 7

Dylan Langston

Adult Development

The Novice Phrase is the first three periods of early adulthood conducted by Daniel Levinson. There are 3 basic eras in Adulthood: Early, middle and late adulthood. Males have more broad stages they go through and focus more on careers while throughout female development, women tend to think more about providing for a family as men support it.

Jobs and Occupations

The labor force consists of all individuals ages 16 or older who are employed in paid positions or who are seeking paid employment. From the 1900's to now we have changed from hands on jobs to jobs that require more intelligence and require more social skills tending to others needs.


Gerontology is the scientific study of the processes and phenomena of aging. There are three categories when growing old; The young-old, ages 65 through 74 deal with adjusting to retirement, Middle-old, ages 75 through 84 and old-old ages 85 and older,having issues with physical and mental decline and death. Alzheimer’s disease is an organic condition that results in the progressive deterioration of brain cells. As you get older your priorities change and your health does too. You have to adapt to getting old and focus on what your age group is concerned with.