December Recap


Happy New Year Team Moxie!

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the past year and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that I have this little accessories company in my life. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be writing you this 3+ years later but here I am! I have stuck with it through good times and the bad - (I can't even tell you how many events I sat at for hours without talking to a soul!) I am so happy I did not give up because if I did I would never have met most of you! Yes, my business finally took on a new life this year which I am ecstatic about but working with and getting to know all of you is truly what keeps me going each and every day! So with that, I thank you! Thank you for joining me on the journey and thank you for not giving up! I promise, as I speak from experience, if you just keep moving the needle forward, you to will reach the goals you set for yourself and you will be successful in this business - and remember, only you can define what success means to you!

Checkout my Flipgram from some of my favorite S&D moments with all of you:

Just some fun, end of year facts for you! In 2013 we celebrated 3 promotions to Senior Stylist, went from 36 to 59 ACTIVE Stylists, and increased our end of the year total sales from $241,841 to $378,545! We just keep on growing - aren't you glad you are along for the ride? #TeamMoxie

Watch out 2014!

Why Set Goals?

By Lorin Beller Blake

It’s that time of year, goal-setting time. Let’s start by addressing why goal setting is so important:

1. Goal setting builds self-confidence! This is a big reason why we should set goals and it’s also the excuse as why people don’t like to set goals.

2. Goal setting gives us a sense of accomplishment. You know when you put a goal on the table, and meet it…it feels so good.

3. Goal setting perpetuates more activity. When we set a goal and accomplish it, oftentimes it generates energy to do more.

4. Goal setting moves us. Setting and achieving goals keeps us moving.

5. Goal setting makes us happy. Research has shown that those with written goals are happier.

6. Goal setting creates success, one step at a time. Most of us have a vision, and by writing down your goals and working toward them, you make that vision a reality!

7. Goal setting creates a BUZZ! Everyone wants to work with the "hot, buzzing" company in town, right?

I’ve been setting goals for my business and myself for more than 20 years. In 2002, I started doing it in a unique and powerful way. What I’ve learned by doing this each year and watching others do it, is that the process itself is inspiring. The stories at the end of each year are magical.

Have I convinced you that this year it’s time to write down your goals or do it in a different, more powerful way? I hope so! Here are some steps to make it easier:

Step 1: Be sure your vision is written.

Step 2: Look at your life in categories, but the whole picture of your life. At Big Fish Nation, we divide our lives into eight categories: Personal/Spiritual Growth, Health, Business/Career, Money, Significant other, Family and Friends, Recreation, and Environment.

Step 3: Be sure your goals are measurable.

Step 4: Set intentions for each of the eight areas noted above. Intentions are the way we need to be to make that goal happen.

Step 5: Be sure your goals are written down.

If you’d like to learn more about the Big Fish goal setting system, email me for more information

Happy goal setting!

Lorin Beller Blake owns Big Fish Nation, a unique and powerful coaching program for women business owners. She’s owned a multi-million dollar business and now supports women entrepreneurs to go big without compromise. Learn more at

Download your Goal Worksheet in the Stylist Lounge!

A BIG, Heartfelt Welcome to our Newest Team Members

Neneh Diallo - 12/6

Laila Koebke - 12/10

Sponsor: Joelly Belman

Hannah Cox - 12/16

Sponsor: Sheila Markowitz

Our Top 10 in Retail Sales and those who Qualified for the Month of November!

Congratulations Joelly Belman for Being #1 in Sales!

1. Joelly Belman 9053.83

2. Rene Kauder 7319.56

3. Nancy Fernando 3204.27

4. Leslie Borkenhagen 3090.96

5. Shirlene Archer 2344.23

6. Sheila Markowitz 1979.90

7. Felicia Brown 1950.15

8. Kisha Brown-Richards 1579.54

9. Nicole Barton 1380.00

10. Deanne Kasim 1277.15

11. Adrianna Markowitz 1147.00

12. Victoria Ramey 1085.40

13. Nekesha Hamilton 1050.51

14. Tracy Baschke 939.85

15. Erika Holt 804.80

16. Pamela Wimmer 760.26

17. Patricia Rush 701.95

18. Kelly Hamilton 684.15

19. Jennifer Judge 669.25

20. Stacy Kravitz 625.00

21. Lisa Clark 573.50

22. Laila Koebke 535.70

23. Djeinabu Diallo 521.00

24. Elizabeth Skorny 514.00

25. Jennipher Hagenmayer 508.43

26. Christina Landsman 508.00

27. Michele Panczyszyn 506.40

(Sell $2000) - $350 in Product Credit








(Sell $5000) - $600 in Product Credit



(Sell $7500) - $850 in Product Credit and Spring Hostess Exclusive Tote




(Sell $12000 and Sponsor/Qualify 1) - $1100 in Product Credit and Spring Hostess Exclusive Necklace



(Sell $15,000 and Sponsor/Qualify 3 OR Sell $20,000 and Sponsor/Qualify 1) - iPad Mini, $1350 in Product Credits


The December Finish Line

Congratulations for Qualifying in December. We had 27 stylists who qualified and raced to the finish line this month which is amazing!

*Stylists who also qualified in October and November, and are one step closer to winning an iPad mini and earned their $100 Consistency Bonus for Q4.

Stay tuned for the drawing of prizes.
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Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

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