Supporting Children with Anxiety

Parent TIPS and useful strategies:

Anxiety's Challenges and Resources:

As we all venture into this new journey of e-learning for our students, it is common for children to become somewhat unsure of the unknown. The fear of the unknown can result in children experiencing some anxiety. We know that anxiety is a very normal thing, but can be intensified and in extreme cases debilitating for some children. As the recent events of COVID 19 have unfolded, we want to ensure that our parents and students are equipped with tools to support the needs of those that are experiencing any form of anxiety. Listed below are articles, illustrations, and tips for parents and students to help tackle the challenges of anxiety as it occurs.
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Sometimes giving a child the chance to understand anxiety may help them to debunk the myths that may come along with it. Listed below is a site that gives information on student friendly books for all ages related to anxiety. The Mooresville public library may also be a great additional resource to check out books regarding anxiety for children and teens.

Literary Resources for Children and Teens regarding Anxiety

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Calm Classroom Strategies:

This year we have been utilizing calm classroom strategies. These strategies may include breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and focusing techniques. Even though these have typically been taught in the classroom, calm classroom strategies are versatile and flexible so these can be taken where ever our students go. Therefore, these are beneficial relaxation skills that can be used at home. Please click HERE to access some of our calm classroom strategies.
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