The position no one wants to be in

Cause of Homelessess

There are many causes of people becoming homeless. Whether its losing a job, made bad choices, or didn't make payments on time they were forced out of their homes. Some homeless went toe homeless shelter but some got out of the shelter for personal reasons. However, they got homeless, it was the last thing they wanted to become.

Examples of Stories

Johnny was living a normal life in San Diego until his boss retired and he lost his job. Now he his trying to find work from many companies but was denied. While homeless he was assaulted and robbed many times. He stays optimistic by meeting many new people on the streets.

Robyn and Mickey are both 17 and both homeless in Ottawa Canada. During the interview, you can tell the teens homeless experience have mature them tremendously.

They don't go to homeless shelters because none of them will take both of them or they won't take their dog. They would rather stay together and live on the streets.

What can be done

The homeless can go to the homeless shelters or go live with a loved one and save there money for the future. If no one they now can help them, they can go to the homeless shelter and move on from there. The government sets up homeless shelters in cities around the US for homeless people to go. The homeless shelter were create for homeless people to help them get back on there feet by giving them shelter, food, and learning experence to go find a job. Along with the government helping the homeless the community can also make a difference in a homelesses life. The community can give food on food drives to have food to eat. they can give them clothes to help them look professional in the future. They community can also give them money to help them find a place of there own.