Awesome Biofuels!

By: Alize and Apoorva

What is a biofuel and what does it mean?

Biofuels is living materials like garbage,manure, and crops. Biomass means it is a fuel made out of organic matter. Biomass has been there for thousands and thousands of years to warm homes and cook food.

All waste materials can be used to create steam and electricity by burning the waste materials. These plants are called waste-to-energy plants. They are a lot more expensive than a conventional one than burns fossil fuels.

When dead animals decay, it produces methane. Methane is a colorless and odorless gas. Wells drilled into landfills access the methane produced there. Even on farms, they use manure and put it into digesters to separate the methane.

Things that are biomass materials could be changed into transportation fuels. It is made with vegetable oil and animal fat! Did you know that Texas has a lot more biodiesel capacity than any state in the nation? Ethanol, which is made from corn and mixed with gasoline is a biomass fuel. It helps make a cleaner building fuel for automobiles.

Biomass could pollute the air but not as much as fossil fuel can pollute the air. It reduces the amount of garbage which is in the landfills. If plants can be grown over and over again, that could show that biofuels are a renewable resource!

Some more pictures on corny biofuels!