Year 5 Residential Trip, Manosque

Monday 2nd June - Friday 6th June

Manosque, Year 5 Residential Trip

This trip will take place from Monday 2nd June to Friday 6th June and we will stay at Hotel Regain, Manosque. The students will participate in activities such as, biking, a visit to the Zoo, canoeing, and a visit to the adventure park. There are also curriculum learning links integrated into this trip, with a visit to the Prehistoric Museum in Quinson and a nature walk as part of the Year 5 'Living things' Science learning unit. The total cost per child for this trip is €530.

Vinon Year 5 Residential Trip

Thursday, March 20th, 2:45pm

12 Quai Antoine 1er


This meeting will be held in the Learning Hub.